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Dispersion for Walls and Floors

WEBAC® 5620

WEBAC® 5620 is a low viscosity 1C liquid bituminous emulsion for priming dry or slightly damp mineral substrates.

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Range of Application

  • 1C product
  • Primer for Bituminous thick coatings


  • Waterdilutable
  • Ready to use


  • By smoothing trowel or trowel

WEBAC® 5620: primer for high build bituminous coatings for sealing surfaces

Basements, underground car parks, retaining walls, terraces and other undergrade building structures must be protected from the penetration of soil moisture and seepage water. This is obtained by applying surface sealants. WEBAC offers two types of products for this purpose: the bituminous acrylate dispersion WEBAC® 5611 and a high build bituminous coating. If the surface sealant is designed as high build coating, WEBAC® 5620 is applied as primer beforehand. 

WEBAC® 5620 is an aqueous bituminous emulsion. The primer for high build bituminous coatings can be applied to dry and slightly damp substrates of mineral nature. WEBAC® 5620 serves as undercoat for making high build sealants in building structures using high build bituminous coatings according to DIN 18195. WEBAC® 5620 is applied by paint brush or wide paint brush. Depending on the nature and condition of the substrate the spreading rate amounts to about 0.1 to 0.3 kg/m².

Theme park Europa-Park Rust: WEBAC® 5620 once again proves successful

One example of the successful use of WEBAC® 5620 is the sealing measure implemented at "Hotel Colosseo" in Europa-Park Rust in Germany. The objective was to seal a surface of over 3,000 m² within a very short period of time during the construction phase. The contractor opted for a coating system consisting of WEBAC® 5620 as undercoat for the high build bituminous coating, reinforcement fabric and the high build bituminous coating WEBAC® 5621P. As both the undercoat and the high build coating could be applied by spraying the entire new building complex could be sealed in a very economical manner within a few weeks. 

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