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Dispersion for Walls and Floors

WEBAC® 5623 CE

WEBAC® 5623 is a are plastic-modified bituminous thick coating for sealing structural elements with ground contact against pressing water (W2.1-E).

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Range of Application

  • Plastic-modified for sealing structures with ground contact according to EN 18533-3 and EN 15814:2011 + A2:2014 (CE Declaration of Performance/3)
  • Sealing of basements, underground parking garages, wet rooms and retaining walls
  • Adhesive for insulation, protection and drainage boards


  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Good crack-bridging properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick curing and rain-proof
  • High stability

WEBAC® 5623: 2C high-build bituminous coating for waterproofing surfaces in building structures with ground contact

Building structures with ground contact such as basements, underground car parks, wet rooms and terraces must be protected from moisture-related damage caused by soil moisture and seepage water. WEBAC offers two product types especially designed for waterproofing surfaces of structural elements: the bituminous acrylate dispersion WEBAC® 5611 and the bituminous thick coatings WEBAC® 5623. The product consists of a liquid component and a powder. Both components must be mixed until homogenous before use.

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