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EP Putties and Adhesives


WEBAC® B45 ist an accelerator for reducing the pot life andcuring time of epoxy putty, specially at low temperatures, highly recommended in the cold season.

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  • Accelerates the reaction of epoxy putties WEBAC® 4515, WEBAC® 4520, WEBAC® 4525 and WEBAC® 4525P

WEBAC® B45: accelerator for EP putty from WEBAC

Epoxy resin putty from WEBAC has a wide range of application. It can be used as adhesive for mineral materials and for the sealing of pipe connections in pipe construction, canal and sewer repair. EP putty can also be used in crack repair. And the material is suitable as repair and concrete putty in concrete protection.

WEBAC® B45 accelerates the curing process of epoxy putty in a targeted manner

WEBAC® B45 is an accelerator for epoxy Putties WEBAC® 4510, WEBAC® 4515, WEBAC® 4520, WEBAC® 4525 and WEBAC® 4525P. It speeds up the reaction time and thus the curing process. For example, the usual working time of WEBAC® 4510 amounts to 30 minutes at 20 °C. When adding 1% of the accelerator for EP putty WEBAC® B45 it is reduced to 25 minutes. When adding 5% of the accelerator for epoxy putty it is only 15 minutes. The accelerator's effect on epoxy putty is even stronger at low temperatures: at 8 °C ambient temperature, pure WEBAC® 4510 is workable for about 150 minutes. 5% of WEBAC® B45 reduce the working time to 45 minutes. 

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