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Epoxy Coating Systems

WEBAC® 4290+4490 CE

WEBAC® 4290+4490 is a 3-coat system consisting of primer WEBAC® 4290 and intermediate coat/topcoat WEBAC® 4490. It is designed for high loads on driving surfaces and parking space.

Range of Application

  • Coating system according to DIN EN 1504-2
    (CE-Declaration of Performance/2+)
    • For indoor parking areas and underground parking garages


WEBAC® 4290

  • Primer
  • Scratch coat

WEBAC® 4490

  • Coating for intermediate and finishing layer


  • Mixin ratio WEBAC® 4290 2 : 1, WEBAC® 4490 4 : 1
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Accessible to pedestrians and rolling traffic
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Total solid


  • WEBAC® 4290 by putty knife, trowel, rubber scraper, masonry trowel, blade or roller
  • WEBAC® 4490 by rubber scraper, roller or brush

WEBAC® 4290 + WEBAC® 4490: surface protection system for coating traffic areas in car parks and underground car parks

The coating WEBAC® 4490 and the primer WEBAC® 4290 form a surface protection system of class OS 8. This coating system is particularly suited for use in indoor car parks and underground car parks where substrates are exposed to specific loads. These loads include not only mechanical stress caused by vehicle traffic but also rainwater and road salt carried along by vehicles and seasonal changes in temperature. 

WEBAC® 4490 for coating underground car parks

After preparing the substrate to be coated the primer WEBAC® 4290 is applied and scattered with quartz sand. WEBAC® 4490 is then applied as intermediate coat and also scattered with quartz sand. WEBAC® 4490 also serves as topcoat and sealer. Traffic areas in underground car parks and indoor parking decks provided with this coating system are suitable for vehicular traffic and withstand mechanical stress.