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Epoxy Injection Resins

WEBAC® 4180N

WEBAC® 4180N is an extremely low-viscosity epoxy injection resin with low temperature development suitable for impregnating structural elements, specially in monument conservation and wood solidification.

Range of Application

  • Impregnation of porous porous structural elements such as masonry or concrete
  • Closing of alligator cracks
  • Sealing of gypsum-based masonry for the conservation of monuments
  • Sealing injections in open-pored concrete structures (e.g. tamped concrete)
  • Closing of surface cracks
  • Solidification of wood


  • Mixing ratio 2 : 1
  • Extremely low viscosity
  • Pressureless penetration of finest capillaries and cracks
  • Tack-free curing process
  • Total solid


  • Application by brush, roller or rubber scraper
  • Injection by 1C pump

WEBAC® 4180N: impregnation resin for the sealing of porous construction materials and the solidification of wood

WEBAC® 4180N is an extremely low viscosity epoxy impregnation resin with a long pot life and adequate mechanical properties. It is used for solidifying loosely bonded materials. Thanks to its very good penetration capacity this resin is suitable for sealing and stabilizing porous construction materials and structural elements such as e.g. mortar, plaster, concrete or screed. WEBAC® 4180N is also suitable for the solidification of wood. 

Possible application ranges of WEBAC® 4180N are injections into finest cracks and fissures and the bonding of elements in monument conservation. The product can also be used for the impregnation of base courses and substrates in restoration, for the high depth impregnation and stabilization of "rotten" wooden elements. It can also be used for impregnating cracks. WEBAC® 4180N is compatible with concrete, steel, masonry mortars and cable sheathing but not with foil.

Application of WEBAC® 4180N: crack impregnation or injection

WEBAC® 4180N can be applied in two different ways: if used as crack impregnation or sealant the mixed resin is applied to the substrate by brush, roller or squeegee. Alternatively, WEBAC® 4180N can also be injected. The injection is then implemented with a one component pump (1C pump).