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PU Injection Resins


WEBAC® B16 is an accelerator for reducing pot life and curing time specially at low temperatures, highly recommended in the cold season.

Range of Application

  • Accelerates the reaction of PU injection resins WEBAC® 1610 and WEBAC® 1660
  • Recommended at low temperatures


  • Add accelerator amount referring to total volume (component A + B)
  • Mix with component A immediately before use

WEBAC® B16: accelerates the reaction of injection resins of the new generation

PU injection resins are used for repairing cracks in masonry and concrete. The WEBAC resins of the new generation WEBAC® 1610 and WEBAC® 1660 have a high bending tensile strength and compressive strength. They are also suitable for structural bonding in masonry and concrete structures. 

The reaction speed of the PU resins is influenced by the temperature of the structural elements and materials. The reaction is accelerated at higher temperatures and decelerated at lower temperatures. If accelerator is added to the injection resin the reaction time can be shortened in a targeted manner.

Addition of WEBAC® B16 accelerates the reaction of modern PU resins

WEBAC® B16 is an accelerator for WEBAC® 1610, the product also serves as accelerator for WEBAC® 1660. At 12 °C, the workable life of WEBAC® 1610 without adding accelerator amounts to 50 minutes, the workable life of WEBAC® 1660 to 45 minutes. If 1 % of WEBAC® B16 is added the reaction is accelerated, and the workable life is reduced to 30 minutes each. If 5 % of WEBAC® B16 are added the workable life of both resins is only 5 minutes.