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Restauration Plaster Systems

Mineral restoration plaster system for plastering damp and/or salt-damaged masonry indoors.

WEBAC’s Restoration Plaster System consists of various perfectly matched products. 

  • WEBAC® DHS 1 – plaster key (WTA)
  • WEBAC® DHSplus – accelerator for plaster key
  • WEBAC® DHS 2 – restoration plaster (WTA)
  • WEBAC® DHS-F – skim coat, fine
  • WEBAC® DHS-R – skim coat, rough/coarse

These products are characterized by their high porosity and steam permeability and fulfill the requirements of WTA Code of Practice  2-9-04/D.

Application of these products to damp and/or salt-damaged masonry ensures that all salts detrimental to the building material are incorporated in the plaster and are thus kept away from the plaster surface.

Thanks to the high steam permeability of the restoration plaster humidity can evaporate and the masonry can dry off. The plaster surface therefore stays dry and free of efflorescence.