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Special Construction Products

Find here Injection Pumps, Injection Packers, Injection Tubes, Swelling Tapes, Sealing Tapes, Tie Point Sealings and Cartridge Systems.

Range of Application

  • Crack Repair

    Crack Repair

    Closing, sealing, limited flexibility bridging or bridging where structural strength is required

  • Curtain Injection

    Curtain Injection

    Post construction surface sealing for undergrade building components

  • Foundation Pit Sealing

    Foundation Pit Sealing

    Sealing of foundation pits

  • Joint Sealing

    Joint Sealing

    Sealing of construction joints and expansion joints in structural and civil engineering

  • Monument Conservation

    Monument Conservation

    Restoration and conservation of monuments and historic buildings

  • Sealing of Masonry

    Sealing of Masonry

    Post-construction damp-proof course (dpc) against capillary rising moisture and construction sealant

  • Sewer Repair

    Sewer Repair

    Sealing of joints and cracks in sewers and shafts

  • Surface Protection

    Surface Protection

    Impregnation, priming and sealing of industrial and useful surface areas

  • Stabilization of Structures

    Stabilization of Structures

    Filling, solidification and stabilization of structures

  • Surface Sealing

    Surface Sealing

    Bituminous external sealing for undergrade building components