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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Only the Solid is Resistant…

The PU injection resins WEBAC® 1610 and WEBAC® 1660, which are resistant to pressure and bending after curing, are used in masonry and concrete for 

  • Solidifying loose mortar
  • Stabilizing tamped concrete
  • Static strengthening of damaged masonry or fissured concrete

WEBAC® 1660 strength characteristics are designed to be injected in self-supporting cracked or brittle static elements, such as pillars or columns. A pressure-resistant hard foam is obtained in wet environments which can also absorb bending moments thanks to its toughness.

WEBAC® 1610 penetrates into brittle mortar due to its low viscosity, solidifying the masonry structure. Both products can be accelerated with WEBAC® B16. The pot lives indicated in the diagrams apply to application with the new WEBAC® IP 1K-F3 piston pump.