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Polyurethane and epoxy cleaners for cleaning pumps and tools and for etching resins

In addition to numerous injection resins WEBAC also offers the matching polyurethane and epoxy cleaners. These cleaning agents are especially designed for use with WEBAC resins. 

Two types of cleaning agents are available:  

  • WEBAC® Cleaner A is suitable for cleaning injection pumps, tools and devices after using liquid injection resins. This machine cleaner can be used for PU resins as well as for EP resins. 
  • WEBAC® Cleaner B is a cleaning agent for etching and dissolving cured injection resin. This cleaner may only be used for external machine cleaning and must not be used for routine cleaning and rinsing of injection pumps. 

Our cleaning product range also includes WEBAC® Lubricant. WEBAC® Lubricant is no pump and machine cleaner or etchant but a care product for our injection pumps.

Our products 

  • WEBAC® Cleaner A
  • WEBAC® Cleaner B
  • WEBAC® Lubricant