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Silicate Injection Grouts

WEBAC silicate injection solution: ideal for stabilization and solidification

WEBAC injection solutions based on alkali silicate are designed for solidifying and stabilizing soil and masonry. These alkali silicates are characterized by their low viscosity, good penetration and fast strength development. 

Alkali silicate can be used for installing a post-construction damp-proof course against capillary rising moisture. It also has a hydrophobizing effect on the capillary pores. Fully reacted WEBAC silicate injection solution is resistant to standard chemical loads usually found in building structures.

Preparatory work

Structural analysis before the injection: 

  • Masonry condition
  • Moisture condition
  • Masonry structure
  • Salt contamination


Structural analysis before the soil solidification: 

  • Foundation soil examination according to DIN 4020
  • Soil survey
    • Soil condition
    • Ground water level
    • Flow behavior of the water


This provides information on: 

  • Feasibility of the planned injection
  • Selection of suitable filling materials 
  • Choice of drill-hole packers
  • Positioning of drill holes


Application of WEBAC silicate injection solution

Masonry solidification/damp-proof course by means of solidifying alkali silicate injection
The injection pressure depends on the nature and condition of the building structure. The material is injected from bottom to top, beginning at the lower grid level. The injection process is continued until material emerges from the adjacent packers or the masonry is obviously saturated. When performing pressureless injections, the drill holes are filled via feed tanks until the masonry no longer absorbs any liquid. The drill holes must be filled continuously with the alkali silicate solution to obtain an even distribution.

Soil solidification
The alkali silicate material is applied by impregnation or by injection with a 1C pump via drill holes/lances/injection packers. Only inject pure WEBAC silicate injection solution free of residues from cleaning agents or other foreign matter. 

Application by 1C pump: 

  • Transfer the mixed material to the pump’s hopper
  • Stir briefly
  • In case of separation, stir briefly again


Silicate injection solution: final work 

  • Upon conclusion of the injection process, remove the packers, if applicable
  • Close the drill holes with suitable mineral building materials