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Sealing of Foundation Pits

Sealing water-bearing cracks and joints in foundation pits in sheet pile wall or slot construction

Foundation pit structures must be adequately sealed to protect the foundation pit from water penetration. With WEBAC products for foundation pits ca e used to seal water-bearing cracks and joints in sheet pile walls, slotted walls, and drill wall construction. 

WEBAC products for foundation pit sealing

  • PU injection foam resins: PU injection foam resins (PU foam) are also called quick-reaction foams. They are designed for the fast and temporary stopping of water penetration and are characterized by their strong increase in volume.
  • PU Injection Resins: Polyurethane resins stand out due to their high flexibility and good adhesion at the same time. Cracks injected with PU injection resins remain leak proof also in case of crack width modifications and if exposed to dynamic stress.
  • PU Combi Injection Resins: PU hybrid products are characterized by their fast foam formation after water contact and their permanent sealing effect.
  • Injection Gels: Acrylate gels are injection materials characterized by their very low viscosity and are the ideal solution for sealing structural elements with ground contact (gel injection)