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Sewer Repair

Sealing of joints and cracks in sewers and shafts

Different methods are used for canal and sewer rehabilitation. Sealing injections restore the watertightness of the structural elements. The life of shafts, canals and sewers can be significantly extended by using putties and coating materials of high chemical resistance.

WEBAC products for canal and sewer rehabilitation

  • PU injection foam resins: PU injection resins (PU foam) are used for temporarily stopping water. Thanks to their fast and strong increase in volume they are also suitable in the event of highly pressing water.
  • PU injection resins: Polyurethane resins are characterized by their high flexibility and good adhesion. This is why cracks injected with PU injection resins remain leak proof also in case of crack width modifications and exposure to dynamic stress. 
  • Injection gels: Acrylate gels are characterized by their very low viscosity and are highly recommended for sealing structural elements with ground contact (gel injection).
  • Epoxy putties and adhesives: WEBAC EP putties are used for installing surface packers and patching cracks when implementing crack injections.
  • PU casting foam resins: PU casting foam resins are perfectly suited for filling voids and cavities. They stand out due to their high strength and fast curing process.