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Tunnel Face Consolidation

Stabilization of heading faces in tunnel or gallery driving; mostly for preparing further stabilization measures

For preventive stabilization of the heading face in tunneling or gallery driving, mostly for preparing further stabilization measures:

  • Stabilization to prepare for drilling and blasting
  • At short distance in case of unstable soil
  • Stabilization to prepare for pre-excavation grouting

Materials adapted to the tunneling method:

  • Use of TBM: stabilization systems such as e.g. silicate resins
    • suitable for cutting and planing
    • non-stick properties
    • fast strength development
  • Conventional tunneling such as drilling and blasting or excavation: mostly polyurethane systems
    • fast strength development
    • flexibly adjustable
    • waterstop and sealing at the same time

Heading face stabilization is usually part of extensive consolidation and sealing measures and plays an important role e.g. in pre-excavation grouting.