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Injection Silanes

Injection silane against rising moisture in masonry

If the damp-proof course in masonry is no longer effective or is even no longer existent, the structure must be protected from rising moisture. The masonry will otherwise be damaged by the moisture in the masonry. Thanks to its active principle of waterproofing WEBAC injection silane is the ideal solution for installing post-construction damp-proof courses in a simple manner. The application of WEBAC injection silane is quite simple. It is applied by means of pressureless injection using a gun. WEBAC injection cream is supplied in bags which are immediately ready for use. Open bags must be used up swiftly. The material can be applied at temperatures between 5 °C and 25 °C.

If the precise masonry conditions are unclear, for instance as regards cavities, moisture condition and masonry density other solutions than injection silane should be used. In these cases we recommend using PU injection resins which obstruct the capillaries and PU casting foam resins which close the cavities.


Preparatory work 

Structural analysis before the injection of injection silane: 

  • Structural condition
  • Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic conditions
  • Water loads
  • Salt contamination

This provides information on:  

  • Cause of damage
  • Positioning of drill holes


Application of injection silane

The pressureless injection is carried out using a gun. The injection process must be continued until the drill holes are completely filled. This ensures an even distribution of the injection silane within the structure and optimum spreading of the damp-proof course. 


  • Open the tubular bag and insert it into the processing gun

Final work 

  • After the injection the drill holes must be closed with suitable mineral building materials


  • Rinse the gun with lukewarm water after use