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Joint Sealing

Sealing of construction joints and expansion joints in structural and civil engineering

Joint repair: sealing of construction joints and expansion joints in structural and civil engineering

There are water impermeable concrete structures in many sectors of the construction trade whose construction joints and expansion joints need to be sealed professionally. These joints can be sealed in different ways. In new buildings, WEBAC injection tubes and swelling sealants are systematically installed in construction joints. WEBAC TPE sealing tapes are used as exterior sealants in strip form. WEBAC EP resins are used for the elastic filling of floor joints and other structural joints. WEBAC hydro structure gel is suitable for the post-construction injection of vertical and horizontal expansion joints. 

When repairing expansion joints and movement joints it is important that the material used as joint sealant is able to absorb the movements of the joints without being damaged. At the same time, the joints must be reliably sealed.

Our products for joint filling and joint sealing

WEBAC® Injection Tube
In combination with WEBAC injection resins WEBAC injection tubes are a flexible and reliable system for sealing construction joints in concrete constructions. They are also suitable for the structural bonding of concrete elements. In addition, WEBAC injection tubes are used for the post-construction sealing of joint tapes in expansion joints for additional stabilization. Injection tubes can also be used for the sealing of joint plates in construction joints in concrete. 

WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tape 
WEBAC bentonite swelling tapes are designed for sealing construction joints in in-situ concrete. Thanks to its self-injecting properties bentonite swelling tape is capable of reliably sealing cracks, gravel nests and voids.

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape
In contrast to bentonite swelling tape WEBAC polymer swelling tape is dimensionally stable. Polymer swelling tape is suitable for sealing construction joints and open joints in precast unit construction.

WEBAC® Sealing Tape XT
WEBAC® TPE sealing tape is an exterior joint tape. It is used for sealing expansion joints, construction joints and desired crack joints in concrete. 

WEBAC Epoxy Injection Resins
WEBAC epoxy resins are suitable for structural bonding. These injection resins are characterized by their high adhesive tensile strength and inherent strength. In joint sealing, epoxy resins are designed for joint filling obtaining structural strength.