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Crack Repair

Closing, sealing, limited flexibility bridging or bridging where strructural strength is required

WEBAC offers one of the most comprehensive and efficient product ranges for crack repair. The products are suitable for repairing various mineral components with a wide range of crack widths, moisture conditions and processing temperatures. Special fillers are used depending on the desired repair objective.

Especially if cracks in masonry or cracks in concrete affect the stability of building structures, they must be filled. Various injection resins and methods are available for tear repair and gap repair – depending on the envisaged objective of the restoration.

Special fillers are used depending on the desired repair objective.

Our products for crack repair

Limited-flexibility crack fillers
Structures are required which do not cause the injection product to fail even if the entire cracked surface is exposed to expansion and compression movements.

Low-viscosity, solvent-free epoxy injection resins are mainly used for stuctural bonding (filling). The good spreading and flow properties of these crack fillers enable the injection of cracks with crack widths > 0.1 mm and penetration into the finest ramifications. Some PU resins can also be used to achieve structural bonding.

Elastic and swellable acrylate gels are used to seal component joints and to protect components against penetrating water or pollutants (e.g. chlorides). These products are characterized by good penetration properties, high flank adhesion and adjustable reaction times.