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Permanent Sealing

Permanent prevention of water ingress by sealing measures behind the structure

But even after completing tunneling operations, primary sealants such as film, diaphragms or joint sealants already installed can be affected by leaks e.g. due to shifts, overloads or fractures in the structure and must be subsequently sealed. 


  • Preliminary waterstopping injection in case of strong water ingress 
  • Mechanical blocking of water infiltration using foaming products
  • Curtain injection in annular gap / backfilling of tubbing constructions by means of gel injection
  • Surface injection using low viscosity PU resins between structure and defective sheet and foil sealants

Material selection:

  • Fast reacting PU resins with/without expansion
  • Compact silicate resins 
  • Acrylate gels with a very short gelling phase (rapid gels) in case of water inrush
  • Low viscosity PU resins or acrylate gels for sealing hair cracks or injection between sheet sealants