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Tunnel Face Pre-injection

Stabilization of loose rock, rubble or soil in tunnel driving for protecting the team and equipment when driving tunnels or galleries

Tunnel Face Pre-injection

Preventive consolidation and stabilization of fault zones immediately in front of the heading face in tunneling and gallery driving

Used for

  • Shifted, unstable rock strata, rock folds or sedimentary rock
  • Loose rock mass, rubble, soil
  • Rock with a high void content, karst
  • Water-bearing strata and voids

In case of water ingress or pressurized in-situ water, additional waterstopping and sealing measures are necessary.

Materials adapted to the tunneling method:

  • Use of TBM: stabilization systems such as e.g. silicate resins
    • suitable for cutting and planing
    • non-stick properties
    • fast strength development
  • Conventional tunneling such as drilling and blasting or excavation: mostly polyurethane systems
    • fast strength development
    • flexibly adjustable
    • waterstop and sealing at the same time

Depending on the size of the fault zones, heading face stabilization, curtain injection, rock mass stabilization or void filling may be necessary.