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Rock Mass Stabilization

Protection from unconsolidated rock or rubble sliding down and of fault zones; in general implemented between interior construction and rock mass

Squeezing rock requires special measures allowing for the discharge of one-dimensional pressure loads into the surface.

Injection measures

  • Stabilization and reinforcement in the back in tunneling (e.g. according to NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method) 
  • Filling of the overcut between tunnel shell and rock mass, stabilization against rock pressure
  • Combined sealing and stabilization in case of in-situ water

Material selection:

  • Usually PU injections, often in combination with cement; reaction time and foaming behavior adapted to project
  • Silicate resin injections also for stabilizing filling measures
  • Silicate resin foams or acrylate gel curtains in case of loose, sandy ground

Rock mass stabilization entails void filling, anchor bonding, heading face stabilization, pre-excavation grouting and umbrella injection as superordinate measures and is combined with permanent sealing measures.