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Anchor Bonding

Installation of tie rods and injection nozzles for securing unconsolidated rock, fault zones and dams

Stabilization of tunnel and mining facilities by means of cast-in-place tie rods and injection nozzles

Anchors or anchor rock bolts serve to re-bond ruptured rock mass sections and to stabilize unconsolidated rock and fault zones. Anchor bonding is a method used in the context of many stabilization and consolidation measures, e.g. in combination with sprayed concrete linings anchored in the rock mass.

Different types of wire rope and bar anchors, in many cases self-drilling anchor rock bolts, are used for anchor bonding

  • Stabilization of rock mass in tunneling
  • Repair of fractures in overburden
  • Anchorage of tunneling shells and building structures in rock and rock mass
  • Installation of stabilization anchors in dam construction

Adhesive resins are characterized by their very fast strength development, thixotropic behavior, slight foaming tendency, non-emulsifying character and good water displacement during the injection phase.


  • High strength PU resins
  • Tough silicate resins
  • Both material classes preferably with Approval for Mining

are used.

Before the anchor installation, sealing by means of waterstop injections against strong water ingress or inrush is necessary.