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Monument Conservation

Restoration and conservation of monuments and historic buildings

The conservation of monuments and the restoration of historic building structures is a special task and challenge for planners and contractors. A monument is a historical document characterized by its rarity, uniqueness and originality. 

Most important types of restoration in monument conservation

  • Protection from water / moisture impact 
    • Sealing of adjacent foundation soil against water ingress 
    • Post-construction damp proof courses 
    • Post-construction surface sealants on the outside and within the structure 
    • Protection of facade surfaces from moisture 
    • Protection of the structure during revision 
  • Static stabilization of the structure
    • Filling of cracks and cavities 
    • Solidification of masonry 
    • Jointing repair 
    • Stabilization of foundation soil

Monument conservation: our products for restoration projects

WEBAC offers various products for the restoration and conservation of monuments.
The suitability of products depends on the type of restoration. 

  • WEBAC PU injection resins 
  • WEBAC PU injection foam resins
  • WEBAC silicate injection solutions
  • WEBAC PU casting Foam Resins
  • WEBAC injection gels
  • WEBAC epoxy injection resins
  • WEBAC epoxy putties and adhesives
  • WEBAC surface sealants