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Monument Conservation

Restoration and conservation of monuments and historic buildings

Monument conservation: restoration and conservation of monuments and historic building structures, structural maintenance and building maintenance

The conservation of monuments and the restoration of historic building structures is a special task and challenge for planners and contractors. A monument is a historical document characterized by its rarity, uniqueness and originality. 

The Venice Charter defines objectives for the conservation and restoration of monuments and sites

The Venice Charter is an international code of professional standards that gives an international framework for the conservation and restoration of ancient buildings. It was adopted in 1964 as a response to the huge loss of cultural heritage properties in World War II and the post-war reconstruction after 1945. The Charter defines basic principles and procedures to be followed in the conservation and restoration of monuments and sites. The most important objectives in modern monument conservation are: 

  • The conservation and restoration of monuments must have recourse to all the sciences and techniques which can contribute to the study and safeguarding of the architectural heritage
  • The intention in conserving and restoring monuments is to safeguard monuments no less as works of art than as historical evidence
  • Its aim is to preserve and reveal the aesthetic and historic value of the monument 
  • Where traditional techniques prove inadequate, the consolidation of a monument can be achieved by the use of any modern technique for conservation and construction, the efficacy of which has been shown by scientific data and proved by experience
  • In all works of preservation, restoration or excavation, there should always be precise documentation


Most important types of restoration in monument conservation, building maintenance and structural maintenance 

  • Protection from water / moisture impact 
    • Sealing of adjacent foundation soil against water ingress 
    • Post-construction damp proof courses 
    • Post-construction surface sealants on the outside and within the structure 
    • Protection of façade surfaces from moisture 
    • Protection of the structure before overcoating  
  • Static stabilization of the structure
    • Filling of cracks and cavities 
    • Solidification of masonry 
    • Jointing repair 
    • Stabilization of foundation soil

Monument conservation: our products for restoration projects

WEBAC offers various products for the restoration and conservation of monuments. The suitability of products depends on the type of restoration.