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Surface Protection

Impregnation, priming and sealing of industrial and useful surface areas

Surface protection with reliable coating systems

The surfaces of structural elements and building parts are exposed to specific stresses. These include not only mechanical stress but also chemical, biological and thermal impacts. Effective surface material is needed to avoid damage to these surfaces.

Usage requirements on surface protection

To find the right surface protection system the usage requirements must first be defined. WEBAC coating systems based on reaction resins have proven very successful in areas exposed to high stress levels. These include: 

  • Underground car parks and parking decks
  • Floors in industry, trade and commerce
  • Floors and walls in car washes


To find the right surface material for the protection of surfaces the usage requirements must first be determined. This includes the following aspects: 

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Chemical resistance 

This is followed by a substrate inspection and a damage diagnosis. These form the basis of the restoration concept. 

Within the context of the substrate preparation the substrate is pretreated for the actual coating. This can, for example, be effected by sanding, milling or blasting.

Surface protection – our products

OS 8 System
High thrust and shear forces resulting from vehicle traffic are the reason why parking spaces and road surfaces of indoor, roofed parking decks and underground car parks are subjected to extreme loads. In addition, these surfaces are exposed to high stresses caused by de-icing salts and moisture.
The coating system WEBAC OS 8 is especially designed for an effective area protection. The 3-coat system ensures an even surface texture and coloring also when dealing with difficult substrates. 

Epoxy resins used in primers, bonding and leveling finishes provide for resistant bonding layers for oily, damp and slightly absorptive substrates.
Priming is generally required before applying coatings to surfaces. The proven WEBAC special primers can also be used for the pretreatment of problematic substrates for an efficient area protection. WEBAC special primers can be applied even to wet or oily substrates.

Pigmented coatings provide for excellent area protection and durable finishes for industrial surfaces and floor spaces which are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses. The careful selection of color shades allows for additional decorative design options.

Coving mortar
WEBAC coving mortar can be used for making concave moldings, for closing and leveling of irregularities and as floor mortar.

Important in surface protection: connections, transitions and condensation water

In addition to the floor coating, the professional coating of base connections and transitions (joints) is decisive for a durable surface protection system.

Another important aspect is condensation. If the temperature of the structural elements is lower than that of the ambient air, there is a risk of condensation. This can lead to adhesion loss and discoloring of the coating. The substrate temperature must therefore be at least 3 °C above dew point for the proper application of a coating.