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Surface Protection

Impregnation, priming and sealing of industrial and useful surface areas

Surface protection with reliable coating systems

The surfaces of building components and building areas are exposed to particular stresses. These include not only mechanical loads, but also chemical, biological and thermal effects. Effective surface protection is required here to prevent damage.

Surface protection – our products

  • Priming: Epoxy resins used in primers, bonding and leveling finishes provide for resistant bonding layers for oily, damp and slightly absorptive substrates. Priming is generally required before applying coatings to surfaces. The proven WEBAC special primers can also be used for the pretreatment of problematic substrates for an efficient area protection. WEBAC special primers can be applied even to wet or oily substrates.
  • Coating: Pigmented coatings provide for excellent area protection and durable finishes for industrial surfaces and floor spaces which are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses. The careful selection of color shades allows for additional decorative design options.