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Stabilization of Structures

Filling, solidification and stabilization of structures

Damaged building structures can be stabilized by means of targeted injections. Special products based on WEBAC silicate resins and WEBAC polyurethane resins are perfectly suited for this purpose. They stand out due to their high strengths and fast curing process.

Our products for the solidification of building structures

As an alternative to silicate resins WEBAC offers modern PU injection resins for the solidification of building structures. PU resins are suitable for the sealing, consolidation and structural bonding of construction elements and for the filling of voids/cavities and gravel nests. 

  • PU Injection Resins: New types of polyurethane resins (PU) convince by their high flexural and compressive strength and allow for structural bonding in building structures.
  • EP Injection Resins: Epoxy resins (EP) are characterized by their high adhesive tensile strength and inherent strength so that even the smallest cracks in concrete and masonry can be permanently bonded. 
  • Silicate Injection Solutions: WEBAC silicate injection solutions are used for the solidification and stabilisation of soil and masonry. These materials are characterized by their low viscosity and good penetration capacity.