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Surface Sealing

Bituminous external sealing for undergrade building components

Surface sealing: bituminous coating for sealing structural elements with ground contact

Structural elements with ground contact such as basements, underground car parks, retaining walls and terraces must be protected from the penetration of soil moisture and seepage water. Polymer modified high-build bituminous coatings are suitable for sealing these surfaces. Special bituminous acrylate dispersions can also be used.

Our products for surface sealing:

In the event of vertically penetrating moisture, an external surface sealant must be provided. The following WEBAC products are suitable for this purpose:

WEBAC bituminous acrylate dispersion
Bituminous acrylate dispersions are suitable for sealing surfaces against non-pressing and pressing water. They can also be used for sealing horizontal balcony and terrace surfaces. They are also frequently used for sealants underneath plaster in monument conservation.
Product: WEBAC® 5611

WEBAC high-build bituminous coating
Plastic-modified bituminous thick coating for sealing structural elements with ground contact against pressing water.
Product:  WEBAC® 5623

WEBAC undercoat for high-build bituminous coatings
Product: WEBAC® 5620

Note: If conventional external sealing measures are not feasible, the post-construction surface sealing of structural elements with ground contact can be effected by means of curtain injection. WEBAC offers the polymer gel WEBAC® 240 for this purpose. 

Exemplary projects: surface sealing with WEBAC products

The famous medieval Wartburg Castle in Eisenach in Thuringia, Germany, dates back to the year 1067 and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999. Its south curtain wall is about 800 years old and consists of natural stones whose mortar joints were highly weathered. Severe moisture penetration into the whole of the masonry was the result. And this lead to damage due to alternating frost and thawing. 

To solve this problem permanently, the joints near the surface and the bond area between the natural stones and the mortar needed to be sealed in such a way that all water ingress would be prevented. Preliminary examinations showed that the bituminous acrylate dispersion WEBAC® 5611 was perfectly suited for the restoration of the curtain wall. For the restoration the joint mortar close to the surface was first removed. The surface sealant of the joints was then applied using WEBAC® 5611 and jointed anew with mortar afterwards. This is how the bond area between the natural stones and the mortar could be sealed such that surface water can no longer penetrate. 

Another example of the successful sealing of surfaces using WEBAC high-build bituminous coating is the restoration of the "Hotel Colosseo" in the Europa-Park Rust theme park in Germany. The objective was to seal a surface of over 3,000 m² within a very short period of time. The contractor opted for the high-build bituminous coating WEBAC® 5621P. In addition, the undercoat WEBAC® 5620 and reinforcement fabric were used. As the undercoat and the high-build bituminous coating could be applied by spraying, the entire hotel complex could be successfully sealed within a few weeks.