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PUR Resins


Fast curing, very high (early) strength PU resin which can also be modified into an extremely fast reacting rigid foam by using accelerators and additives – with German Mining Approval

Range of Application

  • Anchor bonding
  • Subsoil and rock mass stabilization
    • Solidification of rock and stabilization of soil
    • Reinforcement of foundation
    • Ground consolidation of existing buildings
    • Lifting of concrete slaps
    • Slope stabilization
  • Securing of foundation pits and tunnel systems
    • Quick stopping of flowing water and durable sealing
    • Stabilization and connection of tubbings to rock mass
    • Waterproofing against pressing water in fractured rock
      and loose ground
    • Underground securing of retaining walls in road construction
    • Consolidation and sealing of flood protection systems, road 
      and railway embankments
  • Permanent sealing


  • German Mining Approval (LOBA E
  • Cures without water contact to form a pore-free, compact
    and high strength material
  • Extremely fast development of high strengths
  • Slight foam formation upon contact with water
  • Reaction time and foaming activity adjustable 
    (WEBAC® PURseal M ACC3 and WEBAC® PURseal M SF)


  • Injection with 2C pump (WEBAC® IP 2K-40, WEBAC® IP 2K-F2)
  • Mixing tube, Ø 12 mm, l = 300 mm