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EP Putties and Adhesives

WEBAC® 4520 CE

WEBAC® 4520 is a flexible epoxy putty for patching and sewer repairs.

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Range of Application

  • Patching of cracks for injections according to DIN EN 1504-5
  • Concrete protection for floor and wall surfaces according
    to DIN EN 13813 (CE Declaration of Performance/4)
  • Universal putty for sewer repairs
  • Installation of surface packers


  • Mixing ratio 5 : 1
  • Flexible, resistant to dynamic stress
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good adhesion to mineral substrates
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B45)
  • Total solid


  • By flat trowel

WEBAC® 4520: flexible EP putty resistant to dynamic stress 

WEBAC® 4520 is a flexible epoxy putty for dry substrates. It is suitable as patching putty in crack repair and for sealing pipe connections in pipe construction. The product complies with DIN EN 13813.

WEBAC® 4520 cures to form a flexible material

WEBAC® 4520 is an EP putty which cures to form a flexible material with good resistance to chemicals. The maximum total deformation amounts to 5 %, the workable life of WEBAC® 4520 amounts to about 30 minutes (20 °C). The amount of material applied and its inherent temperature influence the product's workable life. The initial temperature of both components before mixing must not fall below 5 °C. At 20 °C, WEBAC® 4520 cures within 24 hours. However, the curing time depends on the layer thickness and the temperature of the building structure. 


WEBAC® 4520 adheres to all dry, absorptive mineral and metallic surfaces. The flexible EP putty also adheres to wood and glass. WEBAC® 4520 is resistant to municipal sewage. The reaction time of WEBAC® 4520 can be reduced by using the accelerator WEBAC® B45. 

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