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EP Putties and Adhesives

WEBAC® 4525 CE

WEBAC® 4525 is an epoxy adhesive designed for bonding tiles, glass, ceramics to damp and wet substrates.

Range of Application

  • Gluing of mineral building material underwater
  • Bonding and fixing of concrete on concrete, steel on concrete
  • Concrete protection for floor and wall surfaces according to EN 13813 (CE-Declaration of Performance/4)
  • Crack patching for injections
  • Sealing of pipe ducts
  • Tubbing, sewer and shaft repair


  • Mixing ratio 5 : 1
  • Cures underwater and on damp and wet substrates
  • Good adhesion to various plastics
  • High chemical resistance also to biogenic sulfuric acid
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B45)
  • Microbiologically tested (W270 test according to DVGW regulations)
  • Total solid


  • By flat trowel

WEBAC® 4525: water resistant epoxy putty for underwater use

WEBAC® 4525 is a universally applicable putty/adhesive which adheres to almost any substrate – also to damp surfaces. It is among other things suitable for sealing and patching cracks in stoneware pipes. WEBAC® 4525 can be used as adhesive for glass, tiles, ceramics and selected plastics such as PVC. In concrete repair, WEBAC® 4525 can be used on dry, damp and wet substrates. WEBAC® 4525 is also suitable for installing WEBAC® TPE sealing tape when repairing construction joints. WEBAC® 4525 complies with DIN EN 13813.

Underwater use: the putty WEBAC® 4525 withstands water

WEBAC® 4525 is a non-drip, universally applicable putty and adhesive with excellent adhesive properties on dry and damp mineral substrates. WEBAC® 4525 cures to form a solid compound of good chemical resistance. The putty WEBAC® 4525 withstands water and can is applicable underwater after mixing. Whirling water or pressurized surface water, e.g. from cracks, must be avoided. 

The workable life of WEBAC® 4525 amounts to approx. 25 minutes (20 °C). WEBAC® 4525 obtains a compressive strength of 1 N/mm² within 24 hours at 8 °C. The layer thickness and the temperature of the structural element influence the curing process. The curing process can be accelerated by adding the accelerator WEBAC® B45. The amount of material applied and its inherent temperature influence the workable life of WEBAC® 4525. The initial temperature of both components prior to mixing must not fall below 5 °C.