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Epoxy Coating Systems


WEBAC® 4270T is a tack-free primer specially designed for critical mineral substrates and metal surfaces, also suitable at low temperatures.

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Range of Application

  • Special primer for oily/wet substrates
  • Sealing of mineral surfaces
  • Adhesive agent:
    • For coatings on oily substrates
    • Between contaminated concrete and (mineral) re-profiling
    • New on existing concrete
    • For fast reworking e.g. with polyurea- and PU-coating
  • Epoxy mortar as negative-side waterproofing for concave moldings
  • Resin screed according to EN 13813


  • Epoxy-based primer
  • Tack-free curing also at low temperatures
  • Compatible with oil/moisture
  • Good wetting of the substrate
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Suitable for pedestrians and rolling traffic
  • Total solid


  • Application by brushing, rolling, with rubber squeegee or trowel

WEBAC® 4270T: low temperature primer based on epoxy

WEBAC® 4270T is a fast curing, low viscosity primer based on epoxy resin also suitable for damp surfaces and oily surfaces. Special feature: WEBAC® 4270T is also suitable for use at low temperatures. The product is characterized by its excellent water and oil compatibility and has a very good wetting effect on all substrates. This special primer is thus suitable as adhesion promoter for almost any mineral substrate. WEBAC® 4270T can also be used as EP mortar for concave moldings and as primer for mortar screed. 

The product's workable life amounts to about 20 minutes at 20 °C. At 15 °C to 18 °C temperature of the building structure, WEBAC® 4270T is dust dry and accessible to pedestrians after approx. 24 hours. The curing process takes 2–3 days. WEBAC® 4270T cures to form a pressure-resistant covering of constant volume and mechanical resistance. It is resistant to various acids and lyes, oils and fuels.

WEBAC® 4270T is also suitable as primer for damp surfaces

The substrate must be free of loose particles and cement paste. In the event of closed-pored oily or greasy substrates, the pores on the substrate’s surface must be opened by means of hot water or steam cleaning. After cleaning, all water must be removed from the surface. WEBAC® 4270T can be applied to the still damp substrate immediately after cleaning. Concrete and cement screed must have a tensile strength of at least 1.5 N/mm² and the following minimum compressive strength: > C 20/25 in case of moderate stress, > C 30/37 as of medium stress. 

WEBAC® 4270T is characterized by its good adhesion to various substrates. It is recommended to carry out test applications to check the material’s suitability for the intended purpose. The substrate temperature must amount to at least 5 °C and be 3 °C above dew point temperature to avoid condensation.

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