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Epoxy Coating Systems

WEBAC® 4430 CE

WEBAC® 4430 is a chemical resistant epoxy leveling coating for making of resin screeds (according to EN 13813) in the industrial sector.

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Range of Application

  • Leveling coating for concrete suitable for pedestrians and rolling traffic or cement screed (standard color approx. RAL 7030)
  • Filled as screed according to EN 13813 (CE-Declaration of Performance/4)


  • Mixing ratio 4 : 1
  • High toughness
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Abrasion resistant (high wear resistance)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Total solid


  • Apply by blade or serrated trowel

WEBAC® 4430: highly stress-resistant leveling coating for concrete and cement screed

WEBAC® 4430 is a high quality leveling coating for cement-bonded substrates such as concrete or cement screed. The self-leveling epoxy resin coating cures without shrinking. Once WEBAC® 4430 has cured it is characterized by its high hardness and flexibility at the same time and its mechanical resistance; the leveling coating is even suitable for rolling vehicular traffic. Cured WEBAC® 4430 is also resistant to abrasion, lubricants, oils, fuels, diluted acids and lyes.

WEBAC® 4430 protects substrates from mechanical stress and prevents all dust formation caused by abrasion. The coating also prevents oil, grease and other soiling from penetrating the surface which facilitates the cleaning process. WEBAC® 4430 is not UV resistant; UV radiation causes a slight yellowing effect and reduces the product's gloss level. This does not affect the mechanical properties of the coating. In the event of higher demands on the visual appearance, however, colored chips should be scattered into the coating. Other advantage of colored chips: they increase the slip resistance. 

WEBAC® 4430 can thus also be used indoors if high slip resistance is required. If slip resistance class R 9, R 11 or R 12 is required, WEBAC® 4430 can be scattered at a respective particle-size distribution curve. When coating sloping or vertical surfaces WEBAC® 4430 can be rendered thixotropic (thickened) by adding a set-up agent. 

The workability of WEBAC® 4430 strongly depends on the ambient temperature

The viscosity and the resulting workability of WEBAC® 4430 strongly depend on the ambient temperature. Best results are obtained at temperatures between 12 °C and 18 °C and a relative air humidity up to 75%. At lower temperatures the material is more tenacious and therefore more difficult to apply. At 25 °C or higher temperatures WEBAC® 4430 cures faster.

At very high air humidity (over 85%) light, whitish streaks may form on the coated surface which is caused by the reaction of the hardener with water. At 15 °C to 18 °C temperature of the building structure and 1 mm film thickness, WEBAC® 4430 has cured and is accessible to pedestrians after 24 hours. The coating has fully cured and is fully resistant to mechanical stress after about 2 days. The leveling coating is then also suitable for rolling vehicular traffic. Depending on the load-bearing capacity of the substrate, WEBAC® 4430 is suitable for fork-lift trucks up to 5 t. 

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