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Epoxy Injection Resins


WEBAC® 4170T is a universal low viscosity epoxy injection resin suitable for various crack conditions, also at low temperatures.

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Range of Application

  • Structural filling of cracks and cavities/voids in concrete according to EN 1504-5 (CE-Declaration of Performance/2+)
  • Foundation repair in wind power plants
  • Repair of oil-contaminated cracks and damp cracks


  • Mixing ratio 3 : 1
  • Suitable at low temperatures
  • Very low viscosity
  • Suitable for damp and oily crack edges
  • Good adhesion
  • Total solid


WEBAC® 4170T: epoxy resin for use at low temperatures especially designed for damp, wet or oily cracks

WEBAC 4170T is a highly reactive special EP injection resin of low viscosity (EP low temperature). It is used for the closing, sealing and bonding of dry, damp or water-bearing cracks and cavities without hydrostatic pressure at low temperatures (epoxy low temperature). Thanks to its low viscosity and good compatibility with moisture WEBAC® 4170T has ideal spreading properties. It also has a good wetting effect and ensures firm anchorage on dry, damp or wet mineral crack edges.

WEBAC® 4170T (epoxy low temperature) can be used at temperatures over 5 °C

The pot life (1 l) of WEBAC® 4170T amounts to about 20 minutes at 20 °C. The material quantity and layer thickness influence the curing process: higher temperatures accelerate, lower temperatures slow down the strength development – especially if applied in thin layers. The ambient temperature and the temperature of the structural element must be over 5 °C for the application of WEBAC® 4170T.

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