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Injection Packers

WEBAC® Injection Packers

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Range of Application

  • Sealing of buildings
  • Crack repair
  • Stabilization of structures
  • Soil solidification

Suitable for:


  • Compatible with injection material
  • Good fastening in the building structure
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • Shutoff device towards the building structure
  • Available with zerk head/button head fitting and high-pressure or low-pressure fitting

WEBAC injection packers: filler necks for the injection of different injection materials

WEBAC injection packers are used for the injection of various injection materials. Injection packers are filler necks which serve as connection between the injection pump and the structural element to be injected. WEBAC offers many different versions of injection packers including borehole packers, surface packers, plastic packers, steel packers, mechanical packers, etc. This ensures that the right packer is available depending on the required pressure, the type of structural element and the characteristics of the injection material. 

WEBAC injection packers: different types at a glance

Borehole packers

  • WEBAC® Mechanical Packers Type S
    • Easy to handle
    • Economical
    • For standard injections
  • WEBAC® Mechanical Packers Type R
    • Versatile
    • Can also be equipped with button head fittings for higher flow rates
  • WEBAC® Hammer-in Packers 
    • Easy to handle
    • Not suitable for porous masonry/concrete

Surface packers: 

  • WEBAC Plastic Packers
    • No drill holes required (non-destructive injection)
    • Frequently used for horizontal surfaces

One-day packers: 

  • No backflow of material from the packer thanks to check valve
  • Dismantling and closing of boreholes possible immediately after the injection

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