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Silicate Injection Grouts

WEBAC® 2061

WEBAC® 2061 is a low viscosity silicate injection solution for stabilizing soil and masonry.

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Range of Application

  • Filling, solidification and stabilization of non-binding to low binding types of soil
  • Solidification of masonry and porous natural stone constructions




  • Mixing ratio 10 : 1
  • Low viscosity
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to common soil minerals


WEBAC® 2061: silicate injection solution for stabilizing loose types of soil and fine-pored masonry

WEBAC® 2061 is a very low viscosity two-component injection system. It is based on a polymer modified nature-identical alkali silicate. WEBAC® 2061 is suitable for filling, solidifying and stabilizing non cohesive to low cohesive types of soil (pH > 7). It is also designed for solidifying and stabilizing masonry and open-pored concrete. WEBAC® 2061 penetrates into mineral substrates which can be dry or damp but must not be saturated with water. The product increases the solidity of foundation soil. WEBAC® 2061 can also be used for the post-construction solidification of old concrete and weathered silicate surfaces which must not be acidified though. 

WEBAC® 2061 can be applied by means of injection or impregnation. Depending on the solidification project and existent soil structure, injection lances (pipes with a connection to the pressure hose) are installed for injecting the material or the soil is impregnated with the material taking advantage of its absorbency.

WEBAC® 2061 is resistant to water and common soil minerals. The fully reacted material is also resistant to standard chemical stress. The solidification silicate is resistant to weathering and – like the hydrophobizing agent WEBAC® 2100 - water-repellent.

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