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Silicate Resins

WEBAC® SILcompact M

Compact curing silicate injection resin, suitable for mechanical machining, high strength and adhesive power – with German Mining Approval

Range of Application

  • Anchor bonding
  • Rock mass stabilization using anchor and nailing techniques
  • Stabilization and permanent sealing of tunnel systems and mining installations
    • Umbrella injection in direct TMB areas
    • Reinforcement ahead of the tunnel face and tunnel face stabilization
    • Filling of cavities and gaps
  • Subsoil and rock mass stabilization
    • Consolidation and stabilization in earthworks and dam building
    • Slope stabilization
    • Solidification of karst and unconsolidated rock, gravel and crushed rock layers


  • German Mining Approval (LOBA E
  • Good flow properties
  • Fast strength development
  • No foam formation even under water
  • Low reaction temperature
  • Suitable for cutting and planing
  • Adjustable reaction time


  • Injection with 2C pump (WEBAC® IP 2K-40)
  • Mixing tube, Ø 8 mm, l = 500 mm