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Swelling Tapes

WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tape

WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tapes are designed for sealing reinforced construction joints in in-situ concrete.

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Range of Application

  • Sealing of construction joints against soil moisture, non-pressing and pressing water in concrete and reinforced concrete construction
  • Sealing of pipe ducts


  • Reversible swelling behavior
  • Self-injecting properties
  • No separation and thus no washing out from joints


  • Gluing with WEBAC® Contact Adhesive
  • Fastening with WEBAC® Fastening Grid

Bentonite swelling tape for sealing joints in in-situ concrete structures

WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tape is used for sealing construction joints in in-situ concrete structures. In contrast to prefabricated concrete elements, in‑situ concrete is applied at the construction site – i.e. cast-in-place directly on site. Swellable joint fillers from WEBAC are used for joints exposed to ground water, slope water or surface water. It is also suitable for sealing pipe passageways.

Bentonite swelling tape with reversible swelling behavior

WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tape is characterized by its reliable swelling behavior. WEBAC® Bentonite Swelling Tape must be firmly surrounded on all sides to be able to build up the necessary swelling pressure. The sodium bentonite swelling tape may therefore only be used for in-situ concrete structures. Thanks to its change in structure from solid to malleable material upon contact with water, cracks and gravel nests/honey combs are sealed effectively and permanently. 

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