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Swelling Tapes

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tapes are permanently dimensionally stable and designed for sealing of construction joints as well as joints in precast concrete units.

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Range of Application

  • Sealing of construction joints against soil moisture, non-pressing and pressing water in concrete and reinforced concrete constructions
  • Sealing of joints in precast concrete unit construction, tubbing construction
  • Repairing of expansion joints
  • Sealing of pipe ducts


  • Reversible swelling behavior
  • Permanent dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Flexible


  • Installation with WEBAC® Contact Adhesive
  • Mechanical fastening

Polymer swelling tape: swellable joint filler for sealing joints 

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape is used for sealing construction joints and joints in precast concrete construction. Polymer swelling tape is permanently dimensionally stable and perfectly suited for repairing expansion joints. WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape can even be installed in open joints. The product is also designed for sealing pipe passageways. 

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape is a swellable filler for joints. It swells upon contact with water. The resulting expansion pressure and the related contact pressure provide for a reliable sealing process. Polymer swelling tape from WEBAC is characterized by its excellent resistance to chemicals. They can also be used for structural elements exposed to salt or fertilizer. 

Professional installation of polymer swelling tape

WEBAC® Polymer Swelling Tape is bonded to the substrate with WEBAC® Contact Adhesive. Especially when using polymer swelling tape vertically it is recommended to install the swellable joint filler mechanically – by means of headless steel nails. No matter if the tape is installed using nails or adhesive: the polymer swelling tape must lie firmly against the entire substrate and be secured against shifting or floating during concreting.

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