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Tie Point Sealings

WEBAC® Plug/Ring/Flange

Form work anchors are unavoidable when forming and concreting walls. For sealing intersections these items are used.

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Range of Application

  • Sealing of intersections/tie points (with swellable sealing rings and plugs) in concrete and reinforced concrete construction
  • Suitable for:
    • Fiber reinforced concrete pipes
    • Plastic pipe spacers
    • Foundation earth electrodes


  • Easy and economical solution
  • Sealing with a simple hammer blow
  • No gluing
  • Temperature- and weather-independent
  • Active swelling sealant
  • Suitable also in case of negative pressing water

WEBAC® Plug/Ring/Flange for waterproofing tie points

Tie points and intersections are the order of the day in concrete and reinforced concrete construction. They must be reliably sealed – especially in case of buildings exposed to pressing water. WEBAC® Plug/Ring/Flange are swellable sealing rings and plugs designed for waterproofing tie points. This even works in the event of negative pressing water. 

The efficiency of WEBAC® Plug/Ring/ Flange is certified up to 5 bar water pressure. These sealing solutions can be installed without adhesive – the sealing process is fast and simple and only requires a hammer blow.

WEBAC® Plug/Ring/ Flange available in different sizes

WEBAC® Plug/Ring/Flange in detail: 

  • WEBAC® Plug is a sealing plug which is available in the following diameters: 22 mm, 24 mm and 26 mm. 
  • WEBAC® Ring is a sealing ring 24 mm in diameter.
  • WEBAC® Flange is a sealing flange, also called sealing collar, available in different sizes. Its diameter is either 10 mm, 12 mm, 17 mm, 24 mm, 31 mm or 39 mm.

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