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Right on time for the kick-off!

Proven sealing compound WEBAC® 1403 "saves" European Soccer Championship 2012

The "Baltic Arena" - also known as PGE Baltic Arena Gdansk - is a newly constructed soccer stadium and one of the eight venues built especially for the European Soccer Championship, which took place in Poland and the Ukraine in 2012. The stadium is located in the Polish seaport Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.

The soil on which the arena was to be built presented a real challenge for the builders. The fire water tanks of the fire protection system for the stadium, for instance, were fitted directly on the 40 cm thick foundation slab. Cracks formed in the concrete elements and the bottom slab due to the critical nature of the substrate, the soil-related problems underneath the foundations, the size and span width of the concrete elements installed for the fire water tanks, and the temperature fluctuations that occurred during the construction phase. As the beginning of the European Soccer Championship was fixed for June 2012, there was no time margin. The builders had to find a material that is capable of reliably sealing water-saturated reinforced concrete element walls even at low temperatures and in the presence of wet and damp cracks. Another priority was the material's good adhesion (edge adhesion) within the cracks.

The PU injection resin WEBAC® 1403 with its excellent sealing properties, which have been proven many times over, and its low viscosity, which ensures good crack penetration, was selected. WEBAC® 1403 is characterized by its good adhesion (edge adhesion) and flexibility due to its closed-cell, fine cellular pore structure and is therefore able to absorb tensions within structural components. The reaction time and curing time of WEBAC® 1403 could be adapted for use at low temperatures by adding an accelerator. WEBAC® 1403 was injected into the cracks by means of 10/110 mm injection packers at an operating pressure of between 10 and 30 bars. The materials's rapid reaction made it possible to implement the remaining work within a very short time and to meet the specified deadline.

The European Soccer Championship in the PGE Baltic Arena was a spectacular event, and the arena will be a modern stage for sporting events for soccer fans for many years now to come.