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PU Injection Resins

WEBAC® 1403

WEBAC® 1403 is our most common PU injection resin for sealing and crack repair. The slight foam reaction provides completely closed pores in structural elements.

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Range of Application

  • Damp proof course (dpc) in masonry
  • Sealing of joint tapes
  • Sealing seepages in concrete
  • Sealing of construction joints (waterproofing of gravel nests/honey combs) and connection joints of precast walls
  • Sealing of foundation pits
  • Sealing injection in open-pored concrete structures (e.g. tamped concrete)


  • Polyurethan-based injection resin
  • Closed-cell and permanently dense pore structure
  • Slight foam formation upon contact with water
  • Capillary obstruction, solidifying
  • Low viscosity
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B14)
  • With accelerator also suitable for use at low temperatures
  • Total solid


WEBAC® 1403: PU injection resin for restoring masonry and concrete

WEBAC® 1403 is suitable for restoring gypsum-based building structures and masonry structures. The PU injection resin WEBAC® 1403 can be used for sealing, stabilizing and solidifying structures. The injection resin WEBAC® 1403 has a durable sealing effect also in case of high water load classes thanks to the active principle of hydrophobizing capillary obstruction. PU injection resins form an even, closed pore structure upon contact with or when mixed with water. This is why they are watertight. 

In the case of pressing water the following must be decided in each individual case: Is a preliminary injection with a water stopping PU injection foam resin required? A secondary injection is then carried out with injection resin WEBAC® 1403 to obtain a permanent sealing effect.

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