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EP Putties and Adhesives

WEBAC® 4515 CE

WEBAC® 4515 is a very fast curing epoxy putty, also suitable at low temperatures.

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Range of Application

  • Fast curing epoxy putty for:
    • Concrete protection for floor and wall surfaces according to EN 13813
      (CE Declaration of Performance/4)
    • Patching of cracks
    • Installation of surface packers
  • Emergency putty for sealing damaged patching
  • Universal putty for sewer repair
  • Patching of cracks for injection according to EN 1504-5


  • Mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Cures also at low temperatures down to –5 °C / 23 °F
  • High application reliability
  • Highly pressure resistant
  • Fast curing
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B45)
  • Total solid


  • By flat trowel 

WEBAC® 4515: fast curing EP putty for use at low temperatures

WEBAC® 4515 is a highly pressure-resistant, fast curing epoxy putty for repair and patching processes. WEBAC® 4515 is not only a very fast curing EP putty but is also especially designed for use at low temperatures down to > 1 °C. Its mixing ratio and supple consistency make WEBAC® 4515 an efficient and easy to use adhesive. The fast curing epoxy putty complies with DIN EN 13813. 

WEBAC® 4515: excellent adhesive strength in cold weather

WEBAC® 4515 is a non-drip filling compound characterized by its excellent adhesive strength on dry and damp mineral substrates in cold weather. WEBAC® 4515 cures within two hours at 20 °C and a layer thickness of 5 mm. Its workable life amounts to up to 10 minutes (20 °C). The quantity of material applied and its inherent temperature influence the material’s workable life. At ambient temperatures above 20 °C it is recommended to cool the material down to 15 °C. The layer thickness and the temperature of the structural element influence the curing process. The reaction time of WEBAC® 4515 can be reduced by adding the accelerator WEBAC® B45. 

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