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Epoxy Injection Resins

WEBAC® 4110 CE

WEBAC® 4110 is a CE-certified epoxy injection resin for structural bonding of cracks in concrete elements and construction joints.

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Range of Application

  • Crack repair in concrete according to EN 1504-5 (CE-Declaration of Performance 2+)
    • Tested according to ZTV-ING (RISS), (BASt list)
    • Tested/monitored according to DIN V 18028 by iBMB
  • Bonding of structural elements
  • Injection of construction joints
  • Adhesive agent for mineral materials (wet in wet application)
  • Grouting of anchors in hollow layers
  • Solidification of hollow core screed
  • Consolidating steel sheet injection
  • Solidification of open-pored concrete structures (e.g. tamped concrete)


  • Mixing ratio 2 : 1
  • Excellent edge adhesion
  • Cures even under dynamic stress
  • Volume and dimensional stability
  • Total solid


WEBAC® 4110: EP injection resin for structural bonding

The low viscosity EP injection resin WEBAC® 4110 is specially designed for structural bonding when repairing cracks. The epoxy injection resin WEBAC® 4110 provides for permanent bonding of smallest cracks and crack ramifications in masonry and concrete constructions thanks to its low viscosity on the one hand and its high adhesive tensile strength and inherent strength on the other hand.

WEBAC® 4110 is – like all the other WEBAC EP injection resins designed for crack repairs – compatible with concrete, steel, masonry mortar, foil, cable sheathing, etc. WEBAC epoxy injection resins are also extremely resistant to salts, acids and lyes which can cause severe damage to the building structure. 

Please note when using EP injection resin WEBAC® 4110 for repairing cracks in masonry: all loose plaster layers in the area of the injection level must be removed and all porous joints be patched with quick-setting cement or EP putty. Defective masonry areas must also be patched.

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