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Acrylate Gels

WEBAC® 240 + Bseal I CE

WEBAC® 240 is a polyacrylate gel for sealing building structures and joints, specially 
suitable for curtain injections. Due to a multifunctional modular system (WEBAC® 240 / WEBAC® 240+Bseal I) various applications are possible.

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Range of Application

  • Repair of damaged web and foil sealings
    • With ground contact
    • In tunnels, sewers, shafts, bridges and basements
  • Sealing of annular gaps and voids in tubbing constructions
  • Backfilling of joints
  • Sealing joints with permanent contact to water


  • Polymer-reinforced
  • Excellent adhesion to dry, damp and wet substrates as well as membranes and foils
  • High dimensional stability
  • Limited swelling
  • Neglected volume loss during the drying process
  • Salt reduced


  • Injection by 2C pump (stainless steel)

WEBAC®240 + Bseal I: polymeric highly adhesive gel for sealing sheet and foil sealants 

WEBAC® 240 is an injection gel. It is specially designed for curtain injections in order to obtain sealing surfaces. Curtain injections can be implemented within the existing structure or in the foundation soil in direct contact with the structural element. 

WEBAC®240 + Bseal I: polymer reinforced component of injection gel WEBAC® 240

The polymeric highly adhesive gel component WEBAC® 240 + Bseal 1 is designed for sealing damaged sheet and foil sealants within the WEBAC® 240 modular system thanks to its excellent adhesion. WEBAC® 240 + Bseal 1 is also suitable for sealing voids and annular gaps in tunneling if tubbing components (tubbing construction) are used when building the tunnel vault. 

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