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PU Combi Injection Resins


WEBAC® 155 is a permanent sealing 1C PU injection resin used without catalyst. It fulfills the requirements according to EN 1504-5 for flexible bonding also in case of flowing water.

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Range of Application

  • Crack repair in concrete according to DIN EN 1504-5
    (CE declaration of performance 2+)
  • Waterproofing of structures, also in case of pressing water
  • Sealing injection in concrete and masonry
  • Sealing of masonry
  • Sealing of anchor heads in special civil engineering


  • 1C product
  • Moisture-reactive PU foam resin, permanent sealing effect due to a waterproof resin layer
  • Water contact required for foam reaction and curing
  • High elasticity and adhesion
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B15)


  • Injection by 1C pump
  • Material is ready to use

WEBAC® 155: one component foam for injection 

WEBAC® 155 is a moisture-reactive PU injection foam resin which consists of one component only. It is thus immediately ready for use without mixing. This is especially useful if damp or wet cracks in masonry and concrete need to be sealed very quickly. The 1C foam WEBAC® 155 can be injected immediately with a 1C pump for crack repairs without any preparation time. When WEBAC® 155 comes into contact with 5 % water at 21 °C, the reaction time starts after 25 seconds and ends after 130 seconds and – given free expansion  the material expands its volume up to 25 times!

WEBAC® 155 – 1C PU foam for quickly stopping water

The 1C foam resin WEBAC® 155 is compatible with concrete, masonry mortar, steel, foil and cable sheathing. The 1C foam is resistant to salts and lyes as well as to acids detrimental to the building structure in concentrations usually found in building structures. Special feature of the 1C foam resin: no secondary injection is required. 

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