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PU Injection Foam Resins


WEBAC® B15 is an accelerator for PU systems.

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Range of Application

  • Accelerates the reaction of PU injection foam resin WEBAC® 150 and WEBAC® 157 and of PU combi injection resins WEBAC® 155 and WEBAC® 1500.
  • Recommended also at low (water) temperatures.

WEBAC® B15 for adjusting the foam reaction time

WEBAC PU injection resins are used if penetrating water needs to be stopped very quickly. Their application ranges include dam building and tunneling. Highly pressing water is a frequent problem here – and a fast foam reaction time is thus very important. This is why the accelerator PU foam resin WEBAC® B15 can be added to injection foam resins such as WEBAC® 150 and WEBAC® 157 to speed up their reaction time especially at low temperatures.

The quantity of added WEBAC® B15 determines the reaction time

Depending on the mixing ratio, the accelerator PU foam resin WEBAC B15 speeds up the foam formation. The foam formation of injection foam resin WEBAC® 150, for example, starts earlier if 5 % of WEBAC® B15 are added at 20 °C. In this case the reaction begins after 11 seconds instead of after 14 seconds.

Compatibility of WEBAC PU injection foam resins with concrete, foil, steel, masonry mortar and sheathing of cables is given. Their resistance to salts, lyes and acids in standard concentrations found in buildings has been proved. To obtain a permanent sealing effect, a secondary application of WEBAC PU injection resins is mandatory.

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