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PU Injection Resins

WEBAC® 1420

WEBAC® 1420 is specially designed for areas exposed to high biological/chemical stress (e.g. facilities in agricultural sector or in waste water disposals). Due to its dimensionally stable foam structure and a quick, 10-fold foam expansion even water-bearing cracks can be sealed.

Range of Application

  • Sealing of cracks and construction joints in agricultural structures or waste water disposals
  • Crack repair in drinking water tanks
  • Damp proof course (dpc) and sealing in masonry
  • Connection joints of precast unit elements
  • Joints of cast in-situ concrete/precast units
  • Separation joints in buildings


  • Mixing ratio 3 : 1
  • High chemical resistance also to biogenic sulfuric acid
  • Highly flexible
  • Dimansionally stable
  • Quick-seal foam upon contact with water
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Microbiologically tested (W 270 test according to DVGW regulations)
  • Total solid


WEBAC® 1420: injection resin of high flexibility and tear strength

WEBAC® 1420 is a highly flexible, tear resistant injection resin for sealing cracks in dry and damp areas. WEBAC® 1420 is used for the closing, sealing and limited-flexibility bonding of structural elements. The PU resin WEBAC® 1420 is characterized by its high chemical resistance. It is especially designed for use in case of high chemical stress, for instance for canal repairs. WEBAC® 1420 can also be used for crack repairs in areas with high hygienic standards. Examples are crack repair in potable water tanks, crack repair in biogas plants/crack repair in biogas tanks.

WEBAC® 1420 – good flexibility and high chemical resistance

WEBAC® 1420 cures to form a resin of high chemical resistance and high flexibility. It has a constant volume after curing. It is also suitable for repairing leaking damp proof courses made of chlorine-free bitumen. WEBAC® 1420 also stands out due to its high resistance to biogenic sulphuric acid. The PU injection resin stands out due to its compatibility with concrete, steel, masonry mortar, foil and cable sheathing.