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PU Injection Resins

WEBAC® 1660 CE

WEBAC® 1660 is a PU injection resin with high compressive strength comparable to epoxy resins. Suitable for statical solidification of concrete elements and masonry.

Range of Application

  • Crack repair in concrete according to EN 1504-5
    (CE declaration of performance 2+)
  • Filling of cavities/voids (quarry stone and unconsolidated rock)
  • Stabilization of concrete and masonry
  • Injection of injection tubes
  • Needling of masonry
  • Sealing of foundation pits


  • Mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Sealing, stabilizing
  • High compressive and bending tensile strength
  • Fast curing with and without water
  • Slight foam formation upon contact with water
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B16)
  • With accelerator also suitable for use close to freezing point
  • Microbiologically tested (W270 test according to DVGW regulations)
  • Total solid


WEBAC® 1660: injection resin with excellent compressive and bending tensile strength for the stabilization of concrete and masonry

WEBAC® 1660 is a PU injection resin with high compressive and bending tensile strength usually only found in epoxy resins. WEBAC® 1660 is used for sealing, bonding and stabilizing structural elements. WEBAC® 1660 is suitable for filling cavities and gravel nests and for structural bonding, for instance in case of dry voids in quarrystone and unconsolidated rock. It can also be used for the static stabilisation of concrete and masonry as well as for injections via injection tubes. When mixed with water, WEBAC® 1660 has a slight foaming tendency. Under dry conditions WEBAC® 1660 cures to form an almost pore-free, compact, solid and watertight material.

Reconstruction of the Mandelholz Dam: stabilization of concrete with WEBAC® 1660

WEBAC® 1660 was, for instance, used for the reconstruction of the Mandelholz Dam, a barrage system located in the Harz mountains of Germany. The 28 m high earth-fill dam has an integrated concrete inspection walkway which was partly made from badly compressed concrete. In the course of time, leaks formed and endangered the walkway’s stability. The reconstruction comprised the sealing of the structure against penetrating water and the stabilisation of the pervious concrete at the same time. The injection of WEBAC® 1660 was the ideal solution for closing all leaks and cavities obtaining structural strength. The inspection walkway could be successfully stabilized.