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Injection Pumps


Range of Application

  • 2C-double-piston hand pump for injecting WEBAC® 2260 at mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Delivery rate approx. 48 ml/stroke

WEBAC® HP 50 2K for sealing and stabilization purposes

WEBAC® HP 50 2K is the ideal injection pump for filling cavities. The 2C hand pump is suitable for sealing masonry and joints and for stabilizing building structures.

The liquid components are delivered by two pistons actuated in parallel by means of a hand lever. Component A or B are sucked in from separate containers by actuating the hand lever. When pushing down the hand lever the components are transported to the mixing head via pressure hoses. The hand lever should always be lifted slowly to prevent the formation of a vacuum during the suction process of the pistons, ensuring even filling of the cylinders.

Operating principle of the mixing head: After opening the ball valves the components flow separately into the screwed on static mixer via boreholes. Here, they are mixed until homogenous and transported to the outlet opening of the mixer. The mixer's outlet opening can be extended to any desired length using a plug-in plastic hose. When interrupting work for periods of time exceeding the reaction start of the casting resin the static mixer must be replaced.