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PU Casting Foam Resins

WEBAC® 2260, WEBAC® B60

WEBAC® 2260 is a PU rigid foam for filling cavities/voids and thermal insulation.

Range of Application

  • Filling and sealing of cavities/voids and solidification in masonry structures
  • Sealing of pipe ducts
  • Filling of hollow bricks (e.g. poroton)
  • Repair of floating structures (pontoons)


  • Mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Pressure resistant rigid foam, also cures without water
  • Thermal insulation effect
  • Chlorine- and CFC-free
  • Excellent adhesion 
  • Slow expansion
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B60)


WEBAC® 2260: casting foam resin for void filling

The void filler WEBAC® 2260 is a high quality, sand colored PU cast material. After mixing both components, it slowly expands and cures to form a rigid yet not brittle foam of high compressive strength. A finely pored, closed hydrophobic structure forms during the curing process and the product cures without shrinking. Without any counter-pressure, i.e. given atmospheric pressure, the material increases its volume up to 4 times.

WEBAC® 2260 also provides for good thermal insulation

WEBAC® 2260 is a void filler of high compressive strength suitable for the rigid filling of cavities, gaps and spaces which is characterized by its excellent adhesion. It is suitable for dry and damp, absorptive and non-absorptive substrates. The void filler is e.g. used for filling cavities in two-shell masonry, in spaces between metal and mineral substrates and in wooden constructions. WEBAC® 2260 is also suitable for filling wall openings. This void filler provides for watertightness and good thermal insulation.

To speed up the reaction time and to increase the expansion of WEBAC® 2260 by up to 14 times the accelerator WEBAC® B60 can be added to the casting resin.