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Injection Pumps


The high-pressure 1C diaphragm pump WEBAC® IP EasyPro is designed for applying PU and Epoxy Resins.

Range of Application

  • Crack injection
  • Post-construction damp proof course (dpc)
  • Injection tube injection
  • Sealing of foundation pits
  • Surface injection/sealing
  • Sewer repair


Suitable for

  • PU injection foam resins
  • PU combi injection resins
  • PU injection resins
  • Epoxy injection resins


  • Robust design, suitable for construction sites
  • Carriage optional
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Easy to clean and maintain

WEBAC® IP EasyPro: one component pump for injection resins

WEBAC® IP EasyPro is a universal single-component pump. It is suitable for tasks like crack injections, the installation of post-construction damp-proof courses and the injection of injection tubes. WEBAC® IP EasyPro is designed for the application of WEBAC epoxy injection resins, PU injection resins and PU injection foam resins. This 1C pump has been optimized for the application of WEBAC injection resins.

WEBAC IP pumps are characterized by their constant injection pressure. This provides for an even material flow. The pumps are delivered including a hopper, a high pressure hose, an injection gun with hose and female zerk coupler. This one component pump is also available in versions with a ball valve, a rigid or flexible injection hose and a side coupler for button head fittings.

WEBAC® IP EasyPro is an airless pump: the material is injected by the pump without air pressure. A diaphragm is used to apply pressure to the material. The material then emerges via the hose through the female zerk coupler or the side coupler – at an injection pressure of up to 240 bar and a delivery rate of 4 l/min. The WEBAC® IP EasyPro weighs 23 kg.