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Hilburghausen College of Technology - Damp Proof Course

350 metres of damp brickwork restored

State-of-the-art building protective technology helped to save an old building looking back on a very long tradition in Thuringia/Germany. As a matter of fact, structural engineering has been taught here for 120 years.

The ravages of time had left their mark on the walls of the Hilburghausen College of Technology and moisture had penetrated and severely damaged the brickwork. This recognized technical college and school of engineering well-known beyond the borders of Thuringia was in such a bad state that its existence was in jeopardy. To reconstruct the building, a damp proof course (dpc) was put into place in spring 1998 to protect approx. 350 m of brickwork against capillary rising dampness. The operation was a sweeping success and the building saved.

WEBAC® 1404 was injected not only to close capillaries but also to fill cracks and cavities. Several hundreds of kilos of this high-grade PUR injection resin were injected into the brickwork by means of packers after thoroughly analyzing the building structure and carefully preparing the operation.

Upon conclusion of the drying process the Hildburghausen College of Technology could resume its tradition of technical training and education and today is one of the most renowned technical schools in Germany.